Remotely taking care of your child

There are a lot of parents nowadays that are not able to check their children’s daily progress in school because they are always busy with work. Now, this is not the parent’s fault most of the time because they are working hard to give their children their needs and wants, but because of this they also need to sacrifice their time which means they are not always physically available to meet with their child’s teacher and catch up with their grades.

In Malaysia, the Ministry of Education found a very great way to have these busy parents get involved with their child’s progress in school. This is called the saps ibubapa and it has changed the school and the parent’s relationship in a very good way. If they are not able to keep track of their children’s progress in the past because they are always busy with their work, now they are able to check their child’s grades and standing in class through a website.

Making sure their children are doing well

Even the child’s parents are always busy, they still want to get involved with their children’s education even if they are not always available to brainstorm with their child’s teacher. Through SAPS, they are able to get a hold of the child’s examination results so they have an idea if their children are doing well or not in what aspect or part of the subject. Because of this, the parents are very much involved even in their own special way to help their children become better in school.

Keeping track of their child’s progress

The SAPS system works once the teacher have uploaded the children’s results through the website. After that, the parents can check it in the comfort of their own home or office, wherever they are and whenever they have the time. they are able to check their child’s attendance if they have been religiously going to school or not, their exams and tests results, the lessons they have learned, and so much more. Because of this, they can help their child.

Some tests that cannot be checked

Even if the SAPS system helps a lot on making sure that the child is doing well in school, there are some major examinations that the parents couldn’t just check in it like the Form 3 Assessment, the UPSR Testing, and the Certificate of Education Malaysia. If you want to check this, then you must go directly to your child’s respective school.

Making sure that your child is being properly monitored is not enough if you yourself is not able to do it. just to make sure, it’s better that you have your own process to keep track with their progress and such.


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