Eyelash extensions vs false eyelashes

One of the short and curved hairs which grow at the edge of the eyelid is an eyelash.  They divert the air flow in order to protect the eyes.If something irritates your eye or if you are having an ingrown eyelash they will fall out. There are many reasons why people prefer to have long eyelashes. One of the reason why people like to have long eyelashes isthey consider it a symbol of beauty, as eyes are the most attractive part on the face.

One of the foremost and best common ways to have long eyelashes is go with eyelash extension which comes in various varieties to give a natural look. Some women seek to enhance the beauty of their eyelashes through eyelash extensions in order to make eyelash length long artificially which are also used to enhance the curliness and thickness.

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The main two types which people generally prefer to have long length eyelashes are either going with

  • eyelash extensions or
  • Preferring false eyelashes.

The extensions of the eyelashes include several materials like synthetic, silk or mink with the size ranging from 6mm to 17mm. Only a skilled esthetician can be able to deal with eyelash extensions, as it requires a specific procedure. It is a procedure of gluing either with mink or silk lashes beside the real lashes in order to look like the real ones. Whereas the false eyelashes can be bought at any store which come as a row or synthetic hair. Both eyelash extensions and false eyelashes provide the same function and benefit such as full, long, lush, dark.

The main differences between eyelash extension and false eyelashes are false eyelashes are not those expensive when compare to eyelash extension which is very expensive, extensions however look natural on the face whereas false eyelashes don’t.

However, the main benefit of eyelash extension is it can last long if you maintain properly, besides false eyelashes have to be changed daily.

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