Gamming community in Korea

South Korea is famous for the addiction of games. With about 25.3 million people who invest their time in gaming, of which 75% are males, one can be treated as a celebrity if they top in gaming. Hence, the world’s biggest gaming event “g-star” is conducted in Korea which attracts many people worldwide. With many in the middle age group, gaming in Korea is as simple as going for a movie. While in Korea, gaming is like a society, many people play games for stress relief and others play for fun. Hence, there are many people who pay and play at the gaming centers in Korea. With the latest in technology, they have all types of gaming like digital gaming which is a big part of gaming and includes other gaming options like mobile gaming, console games, PC games etc.

Types of games played:

As we discussed above that Koreans like gaming and knowing that they play all types of games, it develops a curiosity to know the different type of games played by them. While they like gaming, they like the locally developed games the most and those that keep the player online. These games are as usual free to start and Koreans prefer even to get a paid version later.

While this is said, the top games played by the Koreans are “Over watch”, “Sudden attack” and “League of legends”.


It may come as a surprise to those who think spending hours on games is a waste of time. But for Koreans, this is more like a fun time and hence, there are many who play games and spend most of their time online. In order to avoid problems, the government has also taken steps to avoid this and anyone caught neglecting the rules is also disconnected.


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