Know about the mario characters in Mario franchise

The mario franchise has various series of games. It is one of the prominent and excellent game in the video games. This game is designed by Nintendo. The mario game has created many characters from the game. The main character of the game is Mario who is a plumber and saves the princess from the monster king koopa. Mario has powers like jumping, running faster and traction of pulling objects. Mario has a brother Luigi who is similar to his brother with same powers supporting him in the battles to win over the minions. Mario is the hero and protagonist of the game. Luigi is also main character of the game. It has donkey kong as his pet from the first series of the game which is a type of ape. It aids mario in all the missions and winning the game. In each series you can find out more about all the mario characters here of the game. The story of the game is to rescue the princess and mushroom kingdom from the king koopa and his henchmen.There are many characters which support the main lead and villains in the game.

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Princess Peach and Daisy

Princess Peach is the princess of the mushroom kingdom. She is the main character and love of Mario. She is kidnapped by the evil person Koopa for conquering the kingdom. She appears in pink colour outfit and has a accord of this colour. She is developed with feminine qualities, cute, beautiful and stubborn look in the character. She stays in the royal palace with several mushroom servants. She is rescued by Mario from the king koopa. Find out more about all the mario characters here.


Rosalina is a supporting character who helps the main characters mario and luigi in saving the princess. The villain named Bowser steals comet of power stars and grand stars from Rosalina when she visits the mushroom kingdom and gets the ability and powers and conquer the mushroom kingdom and kidnap the princess peach. Mario and luigi also needs the power stars and grand stars in fighting with the bowser. She has lumas and protects the cosmos of stars. She helps in giving the luma to mario which is same like the luma of peach for finding her. When they get one grand star she asks them to get all power stars and will help in fighting with the bowser in the final fight.


Yoshi is a support of Mario and luigi. It is also main character in mario series. Yoshi is appeared in green palette and saved baby mario and luigi from koopa and kamek enemies. It also helps in protecting its homeland and acts as spirited horse for mario or luigi in the game.


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