Guidelines for br1m 2018

BR1m or Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia is a program that is devised by the prime minister of Malaysia for the people of the lower income group in order to ease of their burden. Those who are eligible to apply for this program can start applying for Br18 2018 from the 5th of December as the application process starts then. There are a few helpful tips that those who are applying for this program should keep in mind while filling the application and updating it.

br1m 2018

Tips for br1m 2018

  • Update personal information without any change: Br1m 2018 has introduced a new category of a program that promises a grant of RM 1200 to the recipients of the previous year. One is supposed to make updates by giving the latest details and then qualifying for the amount. This update is necessary for the government to know that the applicant is still there and is eligible to receive br1m depending on the latest pay scales.
  • Know the security question- Those who were prevented from logging in after answering a security question last year; for them the barrier would be removed and the new applicants who have never applied before from the same family can do so this time, so for this make sure you know the correct answer to the security question.
  • Register online- Application can be registered at portal Br1m 2017 as it is easier and faster than filling out the form manually.
  • Widow fill out the liability information- Widows usually get RM 350 assistance while they should get more if they do not exceed 60 years of age. This happens because they do not fill in the liability information.

So these are the tips that the applicants should keep in mind while applying or updating their application for br1m 2018.


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