Overcoming a drug abuse

Marijuana addiction is one of the main reasons why most countries have banned the use of it. if used for a very long time, long term and irreversible effects that may leave the person damaged if not prevented early on. This can really affect the way of life of a person and in these cases, marijuana treatment is needed right away.

Even if it has been scientifically proven that marijuana, or cannabis, can help certain conditions and diseases, those who smoke it and use it can still experience the effects of marijuana abuse. This basically means that your body and mind is slowly being destroyed without you knowing about it until you experience the effects itself. there are a lot of treatments used to reduce the use of marijuana and some of those are behavioral treatments.

The Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This kind of therapy aims to help the person recognize their problem. When they learn to recognize their mistakes, they will then be given the time to correct it and avoid committing the same mistake. After that, they will need to address the other affecting factors that occur the same time as their problematic behaviors.

One of the most effective therapy

Contingency management is the kind of therapy which basically means you reward the person for their good behaviors like when they avoid drug use and level the expectation of the program. Disciplinary actions may apply but not that much since this can affect the person in a huge way. If the patient maintains their good behavior, their rewards grow until they can control their drug use and ultimately make it disappear. This therapy believes that a person’s actions is affected by everything surrounding him/her, so when they are surrounded with nothing but positivity and the right guidance, they will eventually overcome the problem.

Most of the patients that are being enrolled to marijuana treatments have already tried quitting for more than six times and have failed. These programs objective is to help the patient this stage of their lives and live a normal life without drug abuse.


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