EFV and their Anti-Violence Rally

Everybody is fighting for something, this what can be seen from the Wasserman sponsored east Flatbush event, May of 2016. An anti-violence rally was held in celebration of the Gun Violence awareness Month of June. Various people and supporter attended the event who wants to have a safer place with no unnecessary gun violence and a more positive place for people to live in.

With the growing numbers of gun violence related incident in the area, the advocates work double to lessen these types of incidents from happening. The general mass believe that this kind of issue must be mirrored and be treated as a wake up call by the people. The need and want of having people support such a cause at present is growing for the safety of everyone in the community.

The Battlecry

The rally was the symbol of the “battle cry” with a chant led by Derrick Scott of Operation HOOD – “Gun violence” can be heard and supports would responded by “not in my hood!” . The chant went on and on, fueling the dream and hope many who lives in the area. The ‘battle cry’ is the wish and to which resonates in the community of such a nonsensical violence.

Educational Fair

Together with the rally a small health and educational fair was set-up in order to help in the proliferation of information and facts for people’s basic health rights. It also teaches preventive medicine and a way for the youth to take advantage of after-school activities that can give a great impact in their future. This event was supported with so many organizations such as Mcdonald’s and Sesame flyers.

The vision of reducing such hard times  by presenting programs of healthy, work and education is an opportunity that can build peaceful and conducive home. The event was inspired by the hope of decreasing the amount of violence in the community, says CEO of East Flatbush Village, Inc.

The Supporters

The East Flatbush Village employed a grassroot approach because they believe that one should enrich the individual in order to improve the community. The community was set up by Mister Wasserman that aims to help in providing for everyone inside their little ‘family’.  Reducing gun violence would start off somewhere and that is within their group.

Their projects include educational services, social welfare, health and nutrition classes, sport clinics, adult seminars and a youth anti-violence center. These projects are aimed to helping the community and the individual is something to be marveled.

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