Real Estate Flyers – More Than Just a Piece of Paper

Like many other marketing tools, the use of real estate flyers is an essential element to keeping prospects interests piqued. However, creating marketing materials might not be an easy endeavor, especially if you’re not attuned to using a photo and graphic design software. Many realtors would then seek the assistance of professional graphic and design artists, but their services usually cost a pretty penny.

For real estate agents who’re just starting out or those who are on a tight budget, there are online tools like Realtykit Designs to help in the process of completing a noteworthy flyer. Still, it doesn’t mean that using the tool will guarantee an excellent looking marketing material. Before you jump into creating your first flyer, let’s look at some tips to keep in mind so as not to waste your precious time and effort.

  • Highlight the Property, Not Your Face

You might’ve spent quite a bit of time in trying to hide all the skin imperfections on your face so your professional-looking photograph as a realtor can gain a ton of attention in social media and the outside world. However, people who’re looking for properties are not that interested in your face but the property they’ve just found while taking a look at the flyer.

Remember – you only have limited room to work within a single marketing flyer, so make every inch count. If you attempt to shove every personal award you’ve gained in the past, and you’re not focusing on giving too much detail about the property, then the outcome will look busy and unfocused.

  • Simplicity is the Key

Some real estate agents want to cram every bit of information about the properties they sell into one flyer. In doing so, the whole marketing material will look cluttered and unappealing. Albeit presenting information about a particular property in a visual form can become a tricky endeavor, make the elements in the marketing material as simple as possible.

Take note not to go overboard with the colors, make sure that the fonts are readable but not too large, and finally, everything on the entire layout of the real estate flyer should be consistent. Many professional graphic designers will even agree that using only a few key images with careful attention to spacing and the use of a single font style is enough to deliver an excellent looking flyer.

  • Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than High-Quality Images

If you take pictures of a property using a smartphone camera, then you’re not going to produce high-quality images. Furthermore, many smartphone cameras provide a lot of image noise in almost every picture.

Use a dedicated digital camera instead of the optics found on your smartphone to create gorgeous images of properties you’re trying to sell. If you don’t have such a camera, then opt to invest in the services of a professional cameraman to take pictures of the properties for sale. Once you acquire the digital copies of the photographs, you are now free to use them as you see fit in your real estate flyers.

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