Begin To Play With Guitar Kits

After you buy a guitar kit and you take the pain to assemble it. You would want start playing right away. If you are a first time assembler of the guitar then there are always chances that they may play badly. In most cases the set up guitars don’t turn out the way we want to because in a readymade guitar the intonation is professionally done and the neck is aligned straight. But it is a great way to learn and you will pick up on the way to make it sound great with a great material put up on how to go about and make it sound as professional as can be in the first time itself.

There are various steps involved to get this right

  • Fitting the neck is the important part, it may look easy but getting the scale length is very important as this will affect your guitar’s intonation. If this pitch accuracy cannot be set right then your guitar will not be playable. So check out the instructions carefully and measure out the actual length that has to taken up.
  • Gluing on the set neck is also a job of precision. Use a good glue to to attach the neck of the guitar to the body. And allow it to dry overnight.
  • Next you would have to fit the tuners which are also known as machine heads or tuning gears. Inserting the tuners in, usually three on the top and three at the bottom. If there pre drilled holes for the tuners you just have to fit them in with the bush or drill the holes yourself.

  • Then you could also drill holes for your strap buttons, depends on the kind of the wood used and the density of the wood. Drill carefully and use washers to protect the wood.
  • Installing the bridge is very crucial and it has to be measured accurately and placed in the right place. First you will have to install tail piece posts which should not be at an angle but straight and not wobbly. Next screw in the thumb wheels.
  • Then get your electronic part of electric guitar into place which contains pickups, tone pots, pick up selected switch, out put jack etc.

The electronic part with the individual other parts has detailed way to go about things in the set up. Here majorly how you can just about know how a set is done is provided.


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