Ok, so it might not be Summer but who cares! A party is a party and no matter what season it’s bound to be fun. I mean, who could say no to catching up with friends, eating delicious food, and sipping on some sweet cocktails? Unless you’re a hermit, nobody. Not only is it fun to be in a party but it can be as equally enjoyable planning one. Yes, it seems overwhelming and arduous, but it can really get your creativity going! It may be a challenge, but there’s a lot you can do to make sure it’ll be the best party yet.

It All Starts with a Theme

Probably the most fun part of planning a party is brainstorming a theme. It’s also the most important. Everything from the invites, to the attire, to even the menu will depend on what theme you decide on. So, you have to get it right. To start, think of the closest holiday to your event date and give it a surprise twist. If you’re doing a Valentine’s Day party why not invite only single people? Or if it’s around Halloween why not ask your guests to come as their worst nightmare instead of the usual monster theme. Your attendees will definitely be excited about something they haven’t done before.

Menu Master

What’s a party without good food and drinks? A menu can make or break the enjoyment in a party. That’s why if you’re going to spend, invest here first. You can cut save on invites (um hello free email invitations!) but don’t be cheap when it comes to what the guests are eating. Save the stress and have it catered. You’ll thank me later for that suggestion. Guarantee your guests sumptuous meals from your favorite restaurant without having to even think about it. If you want more fun why not experiment with the drinks? Get a quality juicer where you can do all the mixing and matching of audience favorite alcohols. You can check here for the best juicer ratings so you don’t have to worry which one to get.

The Host with the Most

Planning a party is one thing, it’s another to be an excellent host. It’s a sin for the host to be cliquish. Be the social butterfly that you are and mingle with everyone who came. They carved out time from their busy schedules to come to your party so make sure to thank them. If you see someone who’s left out then talk to them and introduce them to your other friends. Include them in the conversation. You want to be the host who makes sure everyone has a good time at your get together.

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