Importance of registering address of a company

Now a day’s, the process of registration of providing legalized authority to any business is quite common. Otherwise, you can do business unless and until it is approved by particular company registrars respectively. When you come across corporate offices, a company registered offices are quite different. Registered offices are recognized and occupied a special place among customers those who engage in it. For example, consider a house registration.  Here your house is registered with a sub-registrar of government authority. Similarly, companies also got registered by registrars as well and along with change the address of a company and its location etc will also be as easy as well. Consider Legal address Prague, as it provides its services in shifting your company’s legal address appropriately.

Let’s concentrate on the process of changing your office address as discussed in the following;

  • Here a specific company has to pass board resolution initially when you are required to change your company’s address legally.
  • Followed by, that company has to advertise this matter in the public news magazine. On further, your company has to file form 32 with the ministry of corporate affairs respectively. In short, it is termed as MCA. If this MCA approves, then automatically your company will gets modified in terms of your company address. Finally your registered office address got changed successfully based on companies act.
  • The changing of your company legal address can be processed by many virtual offices as well as Legal address Prague but will issue payments based on monthly basis. Gain more information by creeping towards the site.

Importance of registered office;

Let’s discuss in brief;

  • Each and every company is required to mention the state, location and area of your company which is registered compulsorily into MOA (memorandum of association).
  • This MOA is considered as incorporation document. According to companies act, each and every company has to be registered when they are going to start their business or at least after 30th day when got incorporated.
  • A registered company resides with its notices and communication that are served and are treated to be present and served in the company itself.
  • Finally, all the registered companies have to affix their address at every place to let the people know where your business is actually carried out.
  • In this way, you have to provide communication to all the people about your business and increase your company’s fame and popularity by providing efficient services to the people respectively.


Hence the business whichever you start, you have to register your company address and all with regulatory authorities mandatorily. Along with, registering of your company shifted address is easy and simple as well. These services are also offered by many virtual offices companies too.


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