The Co-Founder And CEO Of Spring Labs, Adam Jiwan

Adam Jiwan is a CEO and Co-founder of Spring Labs, and an experienced global investor and entrepreneur. Adam serves as Founder and co-managing partner of Ridge Road Partners.

Birth of Spring Labs

It all began at the lending platform and financial technology company, Avant in 2012, where it served more than 600,000 customers and originated nearly $5 billion in loans.  Through Adam’s history as a co-founder of Future Finance which is a leading European millennial finance company and his work with Avant, he, Anna, Al, and John began to have increasingly frequent discussions surrounding the security issues and misaligned incentives involving the companies that sustain today’s credit and identity ecosystem. Personal sagas of credit bureau breakdowns and tales of the inefficient systems underpinning it all were far too common among fellow industry executives. Due to the traditional use of centralized parties Consumers have little to no control over the use or security of their data but what’s more important is that consumers are left entirely at the whim of their respective financial institution’s actions and are rarely given any knowledge as to where and how their data is shared or managed. Adam Jiwan, John, Al, and Anna saw this as a shining opportunity to update, clarify, secure, and streamline a credit and identity ecosystem that was frankly not built for the modern economy and also determined that blockchain technology was the perfect tool to disassemble the cornucopia of issues surrounding it all. All troubled and grisly credit bureau dogfights, coupled with a strong need to advance real change had intersected is where the Spring Labs was born.

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Investing in the Global Market According to Adam Jiwan

Many investors rarely taking their time to familiarize themselves with the less visible while tending to focus their investment funds on local trade platforms but just as feasible and potentially more profitable global markets that are outside of their scope. Research has found that less than one percent of a majority of American investor’s portfolios get allocated to markets abroad while foreign equity accounts for about half of the global market. Widening your perspective and expanding your portfolio beyond your local borders might be your ticket to investment gold while local stock markets hold many excellent investment opportunities.

WealthTech – Changes Investment Landscape by Adam Jiwan

What has become known as wealth tech now pervade consumer wealth management through a Robo-advisors and micro investing and also institutional wealth management through brokerage and advisory software. Offering what Forbes touts as a method for delivering superior products at a better price because digital investment solution represents the future as new technology is transforming the way people manage wealth.

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