Video game therapy for children suffering ADHD, How does it work? Find out here

It is really a struggle for many parents to help their children manage the symptoms of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) according to health experts who continue to monitor and find out ways to alleviate the dreaded symptoms of this condition.

ADHD is a disorder that is often developed during childhood which makes a person having difficulties to pay attention and not having full control of their impulsive behaviors. People or children who suffer ADHD are often restless and are consistently active. According to health experts, ADHD is not just another childhood disorder, but it can also continue until the adulthood.

For parents seeking to help their children to effectively manage the symptoms of having an ADHD. Having a child that has this kind of disorder is not an easy way of living a normal life, but a lot of studies revealed that there is a non-pharmacologic natural therapy to ADHD and this is playing video games.

It may sound counterintuitive, but video games have become the center of attention to a lot of experts in ADHD after they consider it as a natural therapy and a perfect alternative therapy to children suffering from ADHD. This claim was backed by the United States’ top universities after conducting extensive research about the ways and solutions to this disorder.

A study published last 2017 from a group of psychiatrists tested around 30 children which are all diagnosed with ADHD and another 30 who do not have any disorder related to ADHD with the ages from 9 to 10 years old. During the test, they were given mobile phones pre-installed with mobile games which they used and play regularly for roughly a month. The results showed that 84-percent of the results showed that there was a strong interventional appeal to children who suffer ADHD while there was no effect to the other group of children who do not have ADHD. It was also mentioned that there was a working memory improvement for the children with ADHD who underwent the test.

Landwirtschafts simulator 2017

In terms of the content of the video game that the children with ADHD played during the test. The video game that the children played was simulation video games. For parents who do not know what type of video game this is, it is a diverse world of video game where the player is closely simulating real-world activities. They can either be simulated as a train operator, a farmer, a doctor, or a pilot depending on their chosen simulator game where they virtually drive and operate types of machinery and vehicles.

Simulation games attempt to duplicate perfectly the various routines and activities that we do in real life in a form of a video game just like what the landwirtschafts simulator 2017 have. In fact, simulation video games are being used in many training programs like in aviation school, marine and naval training program, and other industrial works that can be simulated by the player or the user.

Psychiatrists that conducted the test published that the mobile game which happens to be a simulation game is a very welcoming modality for kids who have ADHD, and this is also a good alternative and natural therapy that can replace synthetic drugs that have side effects to their children.

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