How to know If an Immigration Lawyer worth the Cost?

In a society where you can access several forms, instruction booklets along with the surfeit of research data digitally, you may be thinking whether to hire an immigration attorney Albuquerque who will help to meet your requirements is worth the expense or not. In case you are thinking that government fees for things like biometrics, visas, green cards and filing is on a rising trend, then it might make more sense to cut the costs involved and handle your case on your own.

There are several immigration cases that can be handled without any sort of legal representation, but remember cases related to immigration are not much easier to handle. We have listed a few reasons why it is best to seek an advice from a lawyer who specializes in immigration law.

How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Would Charge?

Legal fees vary widely depending on the services you’ll need. For example, hiring an attorney to help file a family-based immigration petition will be much less costly than hiring a lawyer to defend you in a deportation case. Here are some typical legal fees:

The immigration attorney Albuquerque can charge you depending you on the services that you might need. For example, when hiring a lawyer to help to file a family-based petition will be very affordable when compared to hiring a lawyer to defend you through removal proceedings. Below are estimated legal fees that you can consider when hiring an immigration lawyer:

  • For Filing an application for Work Permit: $250-800
  • Citizenship or Naturalization Application: $500-1,500
  • Family-Based Green Card Petition: $900-1,400
  • When you are looking for adjustment of your status application: $600-1,200
  • Employment-Based Petitions: $1,600-5,000
  • Removal or deportation defense case: $2,000-10,000

Please note: This is a roughly estimated fee of an immigration lawyer. Some lawyer can charge you much more if they have years of expertise throughout the processes.

Why Pay For an Immigration Lawyer?

Well, there several reasons to consider hiring a professional and qualified lawyer in order to ease the complexity of your application process in terms of immigration. Also, there is a number of case of detention or deportation against the citizens who have been involved in minor crimes- if you are involved in one then it is always better to hire a lawyer much before time in order to ignore the consequences.

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