Popular Residential Areas in Singapore for Expatriates

Singapore is proud of its heritage and the many diverse cultures it is home to. When you are in Singapore, you see many people walking. Some are citizens, some are tourists and some are expatriates. Living in Singapore as an expatriate is not as hard as you would imagine although it is overwhelming.

Expatriate refers to a skilled individual who is temporarily residing in a country other than his/her own. Before coming to Singapore, it is imperative that you ask the employer if your package includes the accommodation. If not, you need to do the legwork. Finding a condo in Singapore like Twin View is a challenge. There are many things you need to consider. If you are bringing your family, it will make things more challenging.

high-rise condos

Do not worry because many expatriates live all over the island. Always remember that there is always something for you so do not lose hope. Here are some areas that you can consider when picking a place:

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a prime location so naturally, rent prices here are higher. This area is considered in the center with different establishments around like cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, and spas. You might think that with all the activities and the concentration of people, it is not a good place to stay. You are wrong. You will be surprised that residential places here are quiet and kind of leafy.


If you want to feel safer, you have to choose an area that is near Tanglin because it is home to many embassies. Like Orchard, it is also expensive here but the rent price offsets other expenses like the transportation as it is near to the city. It is also near to the Botanical Gardens and Dempsey Hill.

Holland Village

Holland Village is a favorite place of many expatriates. It is a community with schools around, restaurants, cafes and nearby shopping malls. You can also bring your children to Botanical Gardens.


There are many high-rise condos around this area. The buildings around this block are sleek and new. It is close to hospitals and the roads are quiet. It is popular because of its proximity to a hawker center.


Serangoon is particularly popular with French and Australian expatriates because of nearby schools. There are many condos around even family houses with gardens. There are a nearby shopping mall and food center.

After picking a place, you should also start looking for schools nearby. These areas are interconnected and you can always find your way to the center usually in less than thirty minutes.

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