Online Relationship Statistics – Numbers Don’t Lie

Before Online Dating, people are looking for love via the newspapers, through friends, work, and ads. Enter the online dating scene in the 1990’s and everything changed exponentially. Today, there are millions of people on different platforms like Online dating sites, dating apps for free, chat apps and social media. It is a very popular way of meeting your special someone. Yes, there are dangers but it all boils down to how you prepare for these circumstances online that will define the outcome of your experience. Below are some of the stated figures from major studies that have been done on this subject.


      One particular dating sites have logged a whopping 23.5 million users since they opened in 1995.  This site has combined getting a good match rate and a good clean reputation to succeed. It provided matches that resulted to marriages and more long-term relationships. Combining the good success rate with the number of users, there is no wonder they have a winner. Another website capitalized on religion, and by doing so became responsible for over 4 Percent of all marriages in the US.

Online Dating

Dating Sites

      There are over 8000 dating sites on the internet worldwide. Because of this, over 49 million people have tried online dating. Another statistic is that 59 percent of people believe that Online Dating is a good way to meet others. Over 66 percent of these users have dated someone they have met online.

Marriages and Relationships

     Take a look at these numbers, 20 percent of current relationships now have started online, and over 17 Percent resulted in marriages from online dating.


       Male vs Female ratios in registering to online dating websites are at 52.4 Percent being accorded to Males and 47.6 Percent are to female registration. 64 Percent says that shared interests are more important than good looks and 49 Percent says looks are all that matter. Another figure puts numbers at 60 Percent wanting a serious relationship, NOT just a hookup. Here’s an interesting bit, 33 Percent have had sex on their first date on dating sites and this goes for women. @@ percent have asked someone to help them build their profile. In money terms, the dating industry has an annual revenue of 1.8 Billion dollars and on average, an online dater will spend about 243 Dollars a year. !0 Percent of online daters quit after 3 mos and 23 Percent of the population think that going on online dates are so desperate.

     Those are just some of the more interesting numbers on online dating. Remember that due diligence is key to a safe and enjoyable experience when engaging in this activity.

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